Great Afterschool Programs

The last bell of the day may mean the end of the school day, but every moment of the day presents an opportunity learn something new. Joining a great after school program can give students a chance to build leadership skills, learn to respect others and sharpen academic skills. Read our guide on what to look for in a great after school program below: 

  • A Great Staff. The quality of a program is only as good as the staff that supports it and the opportunities provided to the children and youth enrolled. Make sure to introduce yourself to the staff and ensure they set behavioral boundaries and expectations that they model themselves.
  • An Understanding of Child Development. Everyone learns differently; including your child. Find a program with a positive learning environment that makes your child feel safe.
  • Safety. It’s not a nice to have, it’s an absolute must. Be sure that the program meets safety and emergency requirements.
  • A well-rounded program fosters an effective learning environment, helps build academic and non-academic skills. It also Introduces your child to cultural, educational and/or technological resources to help them explore opportunities that will enrich their lives.
  • Offers age-appropriate activates for youth.
  • Promotes responsible and healthy decision-making and helps your child develop leadership, teamwork and self-advocacy skills.
  • Connects your child to local community resources where appropriate: for example, helping a participant obtain a library card.

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