Louisville Urban League Provides Direction and Stability

Louisville Urban League Provides Direction and Stability

Louisville Urban League
Alisa W.
September 2016

Alisa W. came to the Louisville Urban League as a result of the FoodPort Harvest Fest. She came to the LUL booth stating that she has custody of her grandchildren and that she was looking for employment so that she could financially support them. Alisa joined the Center for Workforce Development as a participant in November of 2016. After one month of attending counseling sessions, workshops, and training courses offered through LUL Ms. W. obtained employment with Universal Protection Service as a security officer.

In June of 2016,  Alisa joined Transformations which is an integrated approach between the Center of Workforce Development and the Financial Empowerment Center. Transformation helps participants turn their earnings made from employment obtained by working with a CWD Career Counselor in to wealth with the assistance of a Financial Coach from the FEC.

In September of 2016, Alisa started working as a security officer for AlliedBarton increasing her annual earnings by 24%. She has since opened her first unsecured revolving credit account and is well on her way to achieving economic and financial stability.

“The Louisville Urban League has inspired me to be better and live better. The counseling sessions that I’ve had have encouraged me to push forward. I now make more money than I have ever made in my life. I am so glad I made my way to 1535 West Broadway, my life has forever changed for the better.” Alisa W.

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