State of the Union Twitter Watch Party

Let’s Move Forward! Join the National Urban League for our State of the Union Twitter Watch Party on Tuesday, February 12, 2013.

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  • The Twitter Watch Party will take place at 9:00 PM EDT

Ask questions to @naturbanleague during the address using the hashtags #ASKUL and #SOTU13 on Twitter.







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#SOTU Top 3:

Here are three topics we expect will be addressed tonight, as the President lays out his second-term agenda.

Unemployment, particularly in communities of color, remains unacceptably high, and job creation must be a national priority. President Obama’s policies have helped to add over 6 million jobs in the past thirty five months, but even more effort is needed. We've recommended a comprehensive jobs program be developed and executed by way of a partnership that includes government, the private sector and the nation's non-profit community. We urge special attention be given to the nation's urban communities and suburban and rural pockets where joblessness remains in double digits and economic suffering is widespread.
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Education has been a focus for President Obama during his first term, and during his second campaign. At the National Urban League Conference in July, the President announced the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. The National Urban League has urged an intense focus on children and youth. We need a national policy to move the nation toward universal early childhood education. Moreover, we urge an expansion of efforts to make college and higher education more affordable by including a new emphasis on job training, workforce development and skills retraining. 
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Community Safety: 

With the recent surge of gun violence, as well as victims of gun-violence having been invited to attend tonight's Address, we are sure this topic will receive great attention. We've recommended a comprehensive new approach to community safety and crime reduction that requires stronger enforcement of existing gun laws, re-enactment of the assault weapons ban, and a thoughtful examination of criminal justice system disparities.
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