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“Laquan McDonald’s family and much of the city of Chicago have waited for nearly three years hoping to see justice served. While many of us who watched that disturbing and unforgettable video believed that a first-degree murder conviction would be a reasonable outcome, the jury found Officer Jason Van Dyke guilty of second-degree murder among other charges. The fact that the jury delivered a verdict that finally sends a message that no one—not even a police officer—is above the law is significant.

Civil Rights Leaders Call for Full Examination of Kavanaugh’s Record and Request Meeting with Senate Leadership  


Houston Area Urban League Client Launches Turner Construction Advanced School of Project Management

In May 2018, LaToshia Norwood, Founder and Principal of L’Renee & Associates, successfully graduated 25 business...

Houston Area Urban League Client Selected to Pitch in

InnoSTARS Competition


In April 2018, Jennifer Drew, Founder of The Tiny...

While attending a networking event, Thomas B. Waters, Director of the Jacksonville Urban League Entrepreneurship Center (EC) introduced himself and noticed an immediate reaction from a gentleman seated in front of him that suddenly turned around...

Ms. Jackson was able to remain in her home and received a $600 reduction on her rent.

Ms. Jackson had sole custody of her grandchildren, and was having problems with a neighbor when she visited the Columbus Urban League in March 2018. Ms....