Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Introduction to the Program:

Entrepreneurship and Business Development provides minority-owned businesses with financial investment, technical training and corporate relationships to create economic opportunities that ensure long-term growth.

Program Initiatives:

Small and mid-sized businesses are the best creators of new wealth in America. There has been an exponential growth of minority-owned, small businesses since the 1970s; however, they have not kept pace with the growth of their communities furthering the economic divide. The Entrepreneurship and Business Development division develops programs that increase the success and profitability of entrepreneurs and small businesses, ensuring living wage employment opportunities to area residents.

Signature Programs:

Entrepreneurship Center Program provides management counseling and training services, enabling minority entrepreneurs to generate and maintain new business opportunities that lead to high-level growth.

Partnership Initiative:

Energy Industry Partnership
The National Urban League and the Energy Industry have partnered to help identify and attract minority distributors to own and operate service stations. Through this partnership, participants learn about the benefits of owning a top-value franchise and the rewards of being an entrepreneur. Participants are also able to leverage the comprehensive resources of major energy companies and receive the assistance of the National Urban League to identify and implement best business practices to achieve success.

Retail Management Career Training
The National Urban League has partnered with its Affiliate network to provide insight and information on the specialty retail industry. Learn about career opportunities and ways to enhance your skills in retail fields ranging from buying and merchandising to facility management and information technology.